Downloads and installation


NOTE: A setup package includes Free, Standard and Developer Editions. You need to pick the setup package according your used AmiBroker version and platform .

NOTE: do use ONLY the above download links! All the original setup executables and installed executables are all digitally signed by YS-SYS Kft. When starting the setup you MUST SEE THIS:

How to choose setup kit?

Start your AmiBroker and click on Help - About AmiBroker ... menu.

Choose the platform (x86 or x64)

You need to install .NET for AmiBroker x64 (64 bit) version only if your AmiBroker is 64 bit. Otherwise use (x86/32bit) version.


Please, check your AmiBroker's version number. The major (5 from 5.92.1) and the first digit of the minor version number (9 from 5.92.1) of AmiBroker and .NET for AmiBroker must be the same. e.g.: 5.9 from 5.92.1

Check the AmiBroker's version information in the AmiBroker's help menu.

Troubleshooting installation

If .NET for AmiBroker does not seam to work after installation, please,

1. fist stop ALL RUNNING AmiBroker instances.

2. start the diagnostics utility (dl.exe) from the installation folder (...\AmiBroker\.NET for AmiBroker) to check for common installation (version) issues.

dl (Diag & Licence) application

3. restart a single AmiBroker and look at the last log file in ...\AmiBroker\.NET for AmiBroker\Logs folder.

If there is no log file at all, then you either installed the product to wrong AmiBroker folder or you used setup kit for wrong platform (32/64 bit). If you have multiple AmiBroker installation, please, be sure, you have installed the right product to the right folder and you are checking the right Logs folder!

4. If there is a new log file, open it as a text file using Notepad and check the first 10-15 lines for "Error". If you cannot solve the problem, send the log file to

Changing software edition

.NET for AmiBroker has a single setup utility for each platform (x86/x64) that can install all software editions.

If you want to change current setup to Free, Standard or Developer Edition, you either remove and reinstall the product, or just try to start setup utility again, and select the needed edition.

Trial testing

If you are new to .NET for AmiBroker and you want to test how to create AFL or data plugins, please,

  • have Visual Studio installed on the machine where you are planning to install .NET for AmiBroker.

  • install .NET for AmiBroker Developer Edition.

  • watch the corresponding videos

  • go through the Walkthrough part of the .NET for AmiBroker's Help. (Start menu)

  • take a look at the sources of SamplePluginCS C# plugin project.

You have 30 days trial period to test the product. If still have any doubt request a temporary license key.