Product support

Product support covers all quality, usability, compatibility and installation issues of the product. It also covers development and deployment questions related to .NET for AmiBroker.

Support does NOT cover writing and fixing custom code on customers' requests.

.NET for AmiBroker is a 3rd party product. It is NOT supported by Please, do NOT post .NET for AmiBroker related support messages to any AmiBroker forum or support channel.

Similarly, AmiBroker is NOT support by .NET for AmiBroker. Please, do NOT post AmiBroker (AFL, analysis, etc.) related support messages to .NET for AmiBroker's forum or support channel.


It is quite inactive by now. But same issues are coming up at all new users. So it is a good starting point for looking for solutions: .NET for AmiBroker forum .


If you cannot find answer in the .NET for AmiBroker forum or you do not want to disclose some information to the public, send an email to with a detailed issue description and an attached support data file. (To create a fresh request data file you need to start dl.exe in .NET for AmiBroker folder, click File-Create request file... .) I try to answer your question in a few hours. Please, keep in mind that my office hours are from 9AM to 3PM CET (Central European Time - UTC+1).