.NET for AmiBroker has 3 editions to fulfil different user needs:

  • Developer Edition is the full featured product for those who can create their own plug-ins or who want to develop plug-ins for others. This product requires you to have AFL and .NET software development experience.

  • Standard Edition is the low cost product for those who want to use plug-ins created by others or who want to use a low cost solution to create their own, simple AFL plug-ins occasionally. It is intended for developing simple AFL plug-ins only as plug-in's code debugging in not supported.

  • Free Edition is an uptime and feature limited product that supports AFL plug-ins only (backtest and optimization is disabled). It is useful to test plugins created by you or others.

Features of .NET for AmiBroker's editions:

Main features of .NET for AmiBroker

.NET for AmiBroker covers all programmable features of AmiBroker:

  • AFL plug-ins: .NET AFL plug-ins can access quotation data arrays, AFL functions, backtester objects just like any AFL script. .NET AFL plugins can replace any AFL scripts completely or partially.

AflXCompiler is a source to source compiler utility that can compile AFL script into C# or C++ code reducing the time and cost of converting scripts to compiled code.

  • Data plug-ins: .NET Data plugins provide a simpler way to collect offline or real time streaming quotation data and feed them to AmiBroker's database.

  • Automation interface (OLE): Automation wrapper classes help to drive AmiBroker optimization processes from external processes written in some .NET language. ParallelAB library allows multiple instances of AmiBroker to be used in parallel to execute multiple optimization task simultaneously.

  • IBController: IBController wrapper classes help to use IB trading interface from .NET code.

  • Fast Interactive Brokers data source plugin to download historical data and receive streaming data. See details here.

  • Bloomber data source plugin to download historical data and receive streaming data.

Feature compatibility of .NET for AmiBroker editions

Free, Standard and Developer Editions are all binary (.NET assembly) compatible. That means:

  • the same .NET AFL plugin can be used with Free, Standard or Developer Edition.

  • the same .NET data and optimizer plugin can be used with Standard or Developer Edition. (Free does not support data and optimizer plugin types.)

Version compatibility of .NET for AmiBroker editions

A .NET plugin developed e.g. for AmiBroker 6.10 can be used with all newer AmiBroker releases without changing/recompiling the code. Just like an AFL script.
All you have to do:

  • Upgrade to new AmiBroker release (e.g.: AmiBroker 6.30.5)

  • Upgrade to new .NET for AmiBroker for the new AmiBroker release (e.g.: .NET for AmiBroker 6.30.2)

  • Your plugin works as before.