Interavtive Brokers .NET Data Source Plug-In

Interactive Brokers .NET Data Source Plug-in

Interactive Brokers .NET Data Source Plug-in is part of .NET for AmiBroker (5.40.2 and up) of Standard and Developer Editions.


  • bad tick filter

  • historical quote data backfill of any time interval for a maximum period (according to IB limitation)

  • backadjusted continuous future contracts

  • automatic daily refresh of quotation data

  • provides search UI for symbols searching in Interactive Broker's contract database.

  • AmiBroker's database is updated automaticly from IB's contract database (e.g. TickSize, PointValue).

  • runtime access to Interactive Broker's contract database (GetExtraData)

  • IBController compatible

  • supprted on both x86 and x64 platform.