.NET SDK for AmiBroker's editions for plug-in developers

.NET for AmiBroker's editions

.NET for AmiBroker has 3 editions to fulfil different user needs:

  • Developer Edition is the full featured product for those who can create their own plug-ins or who want to develop plug-ins for others. This product requires you to have AFL and .NET software development experience.
  • Standard Edition is the low cost product for those who want to use plug-ins created by others or who want to use a low cost solution to create their own, simple AFL plug-ins occasionally. It is intended for developing simple AFL plug-ins only as plug-in's code debugging in not supported.
  • Free Edition is an uptime and feature limited product that supports AFL plug-ins only (backtest and optimization is disabled). It is useful to test plugins created by others.

Features of .NET for AmiBroker's editions:

Free Edition Standard Edition Developer Edition
Platform x86, x64 x86, x64 x86, x64
AmiBroker plug-in types AFL* AFL, Data, Optimizer AFL, Data, Optimizer
Array performance C/C++ AVX AVX
AmiBroker OLE interface
IBController interface
Code samples
Code debugging
(Converts AFL to C#)
Class Library Sources
.NET Data Sources Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers
 .NET Data Sources  Bloomberg***
Licensing Free to use on any number of machines.
  • Version based
  • No time limit
  • Free upgrade to newer versions for 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Version based
  • No time limit
  • Free upgrade to newer versions for 2 years from the date of purchase.
developer tools
Visual Studio Community Edition 2015/2017/2019 Visual Studio Community Edition 2015/2017/2019
Price of Single User License Free €59 €199
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* Free Edition fully supports AFL plug-ins but it does not allow using them in backtester and optimizer mode. Neither should it be used in automated real time systems as it can stop running plug-ins after a few hours of continuous use. Free Edition has low array processing performance.
** Class Library Sources include all .NET source codes that are relevant to development of plug-ins. CLR hosting and low level interfacing to C/C++ and x86/x64assembly codes are not included. Source files are not installed by the setup kit. Anyone holding valid Developer Edition license can get it on request.

*** Bloomberg data source plugin is available only from .NET for AmiBroker v6.30.2 with Developer licence.

Compatibility of .NET for AmiBroker's editions

All software editions are binary compatible. E.g.:
  • the same AFL plugin can be used with Free Edition, Standard Edition or Developer Edition.
  • the same data or optimizer plugin can be used with Developer Edition or Standard Edition.