.NET SDK for AmiBroker's editions for plug-in developers

.NET for AmiBroker's editions

.NET for AmiBroker has 3 editions to fulfil different user needs:

  • Developer Edition is the full featured product for those who can create their own plug-ins or who want to develop plug-ins for others. This product requires you to have AFL and .NET software development experience.
  • Standard Edition is the low cost product for those who want to use plug-ins created by others or who want to use a low cost solution to create their own, simple AFL plug-ins occasionally. It is intended for developing simple AFL plug-ins only as plug-in's code debugging in not supported.
  • Free Edition is an uptime and feature limited product that supports AFL plug-ins only (backtest and optimization is disabled). It is useful to test plugins created by others.

Features of .NET for AmiBroker's editions:

Free Edition Standard Edition Developer Edition
Platform x86, x64 x86, x64 x86, x64
AmiBroker plug-in types AFL* AFL, Data, Optimizer AFL, Data, Optimizer
Array performance C/C++ AVX AVX
AmiBroker OLE interface
IBController interface
Code samples
Code debugging
(Converts AFL to C#)
Class Library Sources
.NET Data Sources Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers
Licensing Free to use on any number of machines.
  • Version based
  • No time limit
  • Free upgrade to newer versions for 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Version based
  • No time limit
  • Free upgrade to newer versions for 2 years from the date of purchase.
developer tools
Visual Studio Community Edition 2015/2017/2019 Visual Studio Community Edition 2015/2017/2019
Price of Single User License Free €59 €199
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* Free Edition fully supports AFL plug-ins but it does not allow using them in backtester and optimizer mode. Neither should it be used in automated real time systems as it can stop running plug-ins after a few hours of continuous use. Free Edition has low array processing performance.
** Class Library Sources include all .NET source codes that are relevant to development of plug-ins. CLR hosting and low level interfacing to C/C++ and x86/x64assembly codes are not included. Source files are not installed by the setup kit. Anyone holding valid Developer Edition license can get it on request.

Compatibility of .NET for AmiBroker's editions

All software editions are binary compatible. E.g.:
  • the same AFL plugin can be used with Free Edition, Standard Edition or Developer Edition.
  • the same data or optimizer plugin can be used with Developer Edition or Standard Edition.