Purchasing license and installing license keys for .NET SDK for AmiBroker

Purchasing license and installing license keys

Standard and Developer Edition of .NET for AmiBroker allow you a 30 days free trial period beginning from the day of installation. After the expiration of the trial period you won't be able to use these products without an installed license key.

If .NET for AmiBroker satisfies your needs and you wish to buy the product, please, follow the below procedure to purchase and license your already installed product.

1. Start dl.exe or look at the last log file to make sure that you have the software edition installed which you are about to buy.

If you have installed the product on multiple machines, please, do this check for all machines to be licensed.

2. Send me a mail with the following information:
  • your name,
  • the software edition you want to buy (Standard or Developer),
  • a support request xml file attached to the email. You can find the support request file at C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\.Net for AmiBroker\Support Request <DateTime> - Install.xml. If you have no support request file, you can generate one by starting dl.exe. If you have more machines, I will need the support request xml file from each.
3. Pay for the product using the below PayPal buttons. If you live in a country where PayPal in not available, please, write me an email. Please, note, .NET for AmiBroker is a 'try before you buy' trialware. Install and test if it suites your needs and your development knowledge. If you are still in doubt at the end of the trial period, I can give you a temporary key. All sales are final. I do not provide refunds.

Product Standard Edition Developer Edition
Price of Single User License €59 €199
4. As soon as your payment is settled I send you your license keys in email.
Product purchase and key management is a manual process using emails. Allow 1 or 2 days for payment settlement, key generation and email communication.

Installing license keys

5. When you receive license keys, please, install them shortly. They can be used only on the machine where the support file was created. Start AmiBroker (or dl.exe), click Enter key... button when prompted to install the received key.

6. Backup your email containing your license keys. This email contains all information needed to reissue license keys in case of machine failures or replacements.

* If you have installed multiple products, you end up having multiple installation support file. In such case, it is recommended to delete these files and to create a new support file manually. Start dl.exe in .NET for AmiBroker folder. Check if the required edition is installed and create a new request file by clicking "File - Create Request File..."menu.
** If you connect to the internet via UMTS, or other device that uses dynamic MAC address, please disconnect the device, and create a support file manually. Send this manual request file. When you install the received key, you have to disconnect the device as well.