Download current and earlier releases

Due to virus infection on Google sites, please use Dropbox download link temporarily!!!

For new users

If you are new to .NET for AmiBroker and you want to create plugins, please,

x64/x86 ?

Please, note, you need to install 64 bit version of .NET for AmiBroker only if your AmiBroker is 64 bit (x64) version! It is NOT the OS version that decides what product to install!
Please, also check your AmiBroker's version number.  The major and the first digit of the minor version number of AmiBroker and .NET for AmiBroker must be the same (e.g.: 5.4). If you use older AmiBroker, you have to download the proper older version of .NET for AmiBroker.
Check the AmiBroker's version information in the AmiBroker's help menu.
If .NET for AmiBroker does not seam to work, please, start AmiBroker, then look at the last log file in .NET for AmiBroker\Logs folder.

Changing software editions

.NET for AmiBroker has a single setup utility (for each platform) that can install all software editions.
If you have Developer Edition installed and you want to change it to Free or Standard Edition, you either remove and reinstall the product, or just try to start setup utility again, and select the needed edition.