Single user license

The single user license is similar to AmiBroker's licensing model.
A single license is good for both your desktop and laptop computer. A single license allows you to use both (x64, x86) platforms.
License key
The issued license keys are tied to machines. A single user license includes keys for (al least) 2 machines. Hardware signature change (e.g. CPU replacement) does not cause any issue after installation of the license key.
(x64 and x86 versions use the same license keys. Software license keys are tied to the machines via hardware finger prints. No USB key or any other type of hardware device is used.)
Version upgrades
The .NET for AmiBroker versions are tied to AmiBroker versions because of compatibility reasons. If you upgrade your AmiBroker version (e.g. from 5.80 to 5.90) you are required to upgrade .NET for AmiBroker version as well to 5.90.x. Version upgrades for the same software edition are free for two years from the date of purchase. The renewal license is at 50% discounted price.
Upgrading software editions
You may choose to upgrade the software edition anytime and request license keys for the new edition. In such case you pay only the price difference of the licenses of the software editions.

Subscriber license

Service providers can choose subscriber licensing to provide custom data plug-ins, black box trading systems, etc. to their serviced subscribers.

Volume/network license

Companies having great number of employees using .NET for AmiBroker can choose volume/network licensing.. This licensing schema requires all users connected to the same network.