Configuring Interactive Brokers .NET Data Source

  1. Create a new database

    Start AmiBroker.

    Click File-New-Database menu. The Database settings window appears.

    Enter the new database's folder path and click Create button.
    Select .NET Data Source Plug-in as the Data source

    Enter the Number of bars and select Base time interval

  3. Select and Configure Interactive Brokers .NET Data Dource Plug-in
    Click Configure button of the Database settings window.

    The Configure .NET Data Source Type window appears. 
    Select Interactive Brokers as the .NET Data Source Type.

    Click the Ok button.

  5. Set Interactive Brokers .NET Data Source Type's configuration ingormation.
  6. Enter connection information to Interactive Broker's client application (TWS or IB Gateway)
    Enable (if needed) and enter the time of automatic quotation data refresh. (all tickers that are being used to charting/exporation/scans, etc. get refreshed)

    Click the Ok button in the Configure Interactive Brokers Data Source window.
  7. Finalize new database creation and settings

  8. Click the Ok button (or click Intraday settings button and change database's intraday settings if needed) in the Database settings windows.
    The plugin must be connected to the IB client application (TWS or IB Gateway) in a short period of time.